Grateful for the light

Funny thing about admitting to the world that you're at rock bottom. 

The world comes to your rescue. 

Since my post a few days ago, referring to rebuilding my solid foundation, my fortress out of bricks, I've had a lot of bricks come my way. 

It takes a village y'all. And I am so thankful and blessed for my village. 

Some of you are new members. I thank you so much for being brave enough to enter the ring with me. To those of you who have been in the ring with me from the beginning, I'm even more grateful to you. Why? Because you're well aware of the crazy and you stay anyway. The new peeps haven't quite been fully initiated yet. 

In the span of just a few days I have taken those bricks and one by one begun to rebuild.  

Am I there yet? Of course not. As a good friend said, if you bounce back from rock bottom in a matter of days, then you probably weren't really AT rock bottom to begin with. 

But with each brick, each hand that holds mine, and each rope that's thrown to me, I find myself simply able to breathe. And in that space, where the chains are released around my heart, I'm beginning to gain perspective and more importantly, distance from that which is binding me so tightly. 

My bricks are my stepping stones. 
My mistakes are my stepping stones. 

My life is a journey created of these stones, some are smooth and some are bumpy, but all part of the path that lies both behind me and ahead of me. 

The best things that will ever happen to me lie before me. 

I know this because of my fearlessness and faith in God and all He has in store for me. 

I know this because of each one of you who lifts me up, my village, my team. 

Sometimes it's a funny text, sometimes it's an inspirational quote, it might be a phone call, a comment on Facebook, a lunch out, a calming voice in the night, the voice of reason when I have none, a shoulder to cry on, a homecooked meal, or a hand to hold. My favorite is when I'm lucky enough to be in the safety of the arms of someone who loves me. 

Note the spelling- surely this proves that I'm British?? 

Sometimes a hug can glue the broken pieces back together. 

Each one of these is important. Each one comes at the right time, just when I've needed it. 


Rock bottom or not, there is always room for gratitude. And gratitude opens the heart to hope and possibility. 

My friends, my family, my readers, my dear loves... I am grateful for each one of you. Thank you for being the light. Thank you for bringing me bricks, even though sometimes you've had to throw them at my head just to get through. 

I will use each one wisely. 


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