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Let go and accept it

Tonight my facebook status went something like this -- 

And here is said blog post. 
I'm not quite ready to write about or recap my year, but what I do want to write about is accepting what comes our way. More importantly letting go of the life we thought we wanted. 
I've talked about this before.  Several times in fact. In the world of autism you must mourn the child you thought you were going to have and accept and embrace the one you do have.  Know what sucks? Death. Ugh. You have to accept that your mom is no longer with you at Christmas and find a way to embrace the memories you DO have, and cherish them. 
It's all about recognizing the new chapters in your life and diving into those chapters face first and examining what those chapters will do to change the entire story of your life.  Everything -- every loss, every gain, every person who enters and every person who leaves is a chapter in the story of our lives. 
We must accept that. Even if we don't like it. 
Once upo…

Peace is work

Oh my dear friends, it has been exactly 30 days since my last post!  Eeeeeek!

Let me tell you why.

I fell off the bandwagon.  Not just the "writing" bandwagon.  The "me" bandwagon.

Sunday in church we were discussing testimonies and sharing our stories.  I do a pretty good job of sharing my story with anyone who wants to land on this website.  The interesting part of the sermon was that Pastor Mark was talking about sharing our story (in turn, sharing God's glory) before we are even actually healed.

I'm even BETTER at that.

So I stood up and said that, yanno, like to everyone in the congregation.  Don't worry, I wasn't the only one.

I'm not healed.  I may never be "healed."  What does that even mean, exactly?  It's kind of like in the autism community when we talk about "normal."  Is there such a thing?

To say that I am "healed" is to suggest that I have nothing going on in my life that causes me strife, worr…