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Part two, in which I tattoo the word THRIVE on my body

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I can't really describe the call to be inked, I just know that it's there.  I've been thinking for awhile about my next "word" tattoo and of course, waded through a myriad of choices.

The word "worthy" kept coming back to me over and over again.  Particularly because it has been said to me in church several times by people, including my pastor who have prayed over me.  In my heart I believe that God was telling me that I am worthy.

Ok great, so here's my tattoo!

Nah, too easy.
I was talking to a new friend, one I've only known for a few weeks and I was discussing this tattoo idea with him.  He's not a tattoo guy and he's not a guy who really even knows me so why the heck was I asking him to begin with?   But here's what he said.
"You already KNOW you are worthy." "Worthy is a word you needed for your past." "You need something else that will represent your future.&q…

Part one of many in which I discuss how I learned to thrive as me.

As promised, I'm going to explain how I ended up with "thrive as you" for the name of my new website.  This is just part one.  There are times when I have so much to say on a topic that I don't know where to begin and therefore I just don't.  So I decided to beak this up into the many different facets of how I landed on this word, thrive.

When I first started doing yoga nearly two years ago, here's how and why I started my journey.  A new yoga studio opened in my town and they offered a groupon that was, as groupons are, a ridiculously good deal for some cheap yoga.  So I bought it!  And then didn't go to yoga for about 6 months. But continued to wear yoga pants just in case.  You see, I have been medically diagnosed with a severe allergy to exercise.  Okay not really but the truth is, I. HATE. EXERCISE.  Like truly people, as a writer I can't even think of the words to express how much I hate it.  Over the course of my life I have joined many a gym, …


Good morning friends!  I have just been so excited about my new site, that I couldn't even sleep another minute and I had to get out of bed and make this thing LIVE!

First and foremost, it's a work in progress!  It's so not where I want it to be yet.  Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to stay with blogger and feed my posts to the site or, if I can accept change and blog directly from the website itself.  Both options entail a bit of design work which is not exactly my strong suit.  I'm a writer not a web designer after all!

But here we go!

Good news.  I won't be moving my blog or changing the name anymore.  I bought this domain name, and this weekend, I'm going to spend a lot of time telling you how I came to that name.  So I own this little piece of space on the interweb and I'm going to stay here.  Yay!

Please tell me what your initial thoughts are!  I'm going for a very clean simplified, look.  Soon it will be plastered wi…

Space and Intention

As you know, I am manifesting... well, my LIFE.  And it starts with this.

What can I say? I will enjoy my last few days of summer break!
I have made a commitment to myself, and to my writing that I will wake up each and every day with intention.  I will wake up each and every day and write.  This not only helps me hone my writing skills, but it helps to set the tone for my day, which is going to positive.  Each and every day.  Even on those days when I don't WANT to get up, I don't WANT to move, I don't feel like I actually CAN move, I will remember my intention.  
For me, being as OCD as I am, part of this is having the right space in which to do this.  After I got a divorce, I painted my bedroom pink.  Yes, pink.  It's me and two boys living in this house, there's not a lot of feminine vibe in here, so I made my room pink.  And I absolutely LOVE it.  It is one of my favorite spaces and happiest places to be, primarily because it is MINE and a reflection of me and …