Good morning friends!  I have just been so excited about my new site, that I couldn't even sleep another minute and I had to get out of bed and make this thing LIVE!

First and foremost, it's a work in progress!  It's so not where I want it to be yet.  Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to stay with blogger and feed my posts to the site or, if I can accept change and blog directly from the website itself.  Both options entail a bit of design work which is not exactly my strong suit.  I'm a writer not a web designer after all!

But here we go!

Good news.  I won't be moving my blog or changing the name anymore.  I bought this domain name, and this weekend, I'm going to spend a lot of time telling you how I came to that name.  So I own this little piece of space on the interweb and I'm going to stay here.  Yay!

Please tell me what your initial thoughts are!  I'm going for a very clean simplified, look.  Soon it will be plastered with ads which generate thousands of dollars of revenue for me each month (I'm manifesting that!), so I'm trying to go with the "less is more" approach.  I will be linking more social feeds to the site, and eventually add a page where you can buy all of my best sellers directly.  You see what I'm doing here?  MANIFESTING!

Anyway, here we go!  I hope you love the new look and the new concept and change wherever it is you've saved or bookmarked my blog, because is where I shall live from now on....

Because I'm thriving.
As me.


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