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World Autism Awareness Day

EEEEEEK, I haven't posted since Christmas.  Ouch.

Today I sent out this email to my autism support group members and realized it kinda sounded a little like a blog post. Go figure.   So here goes.

No one asked for my two cents.  They usually don't but they get it anyway.  So here goes.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  That's awesome, but for us, every day is "autism awareness day."  What *IS* important about the UN recognizing autism as a "world" day is that it "shines a light" (pun intended) on autism.   I'm sure you've all read the CDC report by now that the rate of autism is at 1 in 88.  The scariest part of that report is that it was based on data from 2008.   And yet EVERY SINGLE DAY I get asked "What is autism?"
Is fundraising important?  Yes. Is research important?  Yes. Is finding solutions important?  Yes. Is finding answers important?  Yes.  Is providing help, support, and services important?  Yes, yes, YES!
But-- it ST…