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Why are you going to Guatemala?

I think the better question is, why not?

Since the day I announced to travel to Guatemala, A LOT of people have asked me WHY.  

I'll let Bethany tell you. Bethany founded A Heart for Guatemala.  She's a mom just like me.  With a passion just like me.  And she's DOING something about it.  She's taking ACTION.  She's solving the problem.  She's a part of the solution.    You can click here to see the whole campaign (one of them!!!)  but here's the highlights.

A 7 year old child walks alone barefoot, carrying a basket on her head…trying to earn enough for her next meal...she's never seen the inside of a school or held a pencil or colored with a crayon.
A mother gently places her finger on the ink pad and then on the paper, she can not sign her own name, she is ashamed and embarrassed.
A father apologizes to his family, there is no money for food today, there was no work and there's no other opti…