Why are you going to Guatemala?

I think the better question is, why not?

Since the day I announced to travel to Guatemala, A LOT of people have asked me WHY.  

I'll let Bethany tell you. Bethany founded A Heart for Guatemala.  She's a mom just like me.  With a passion just like me.  And she's DOING something about it.  She's taking ACTION.  She's solving the problem.  She's a part of the solution.    You can click here http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/give-us-a-chance/x/3013085 to see the whole campaign (one of them!!!)  but here's the highlights.

A 7 year old child walks alone barefoot, carrying a basket on her head…trying to earn enough for her next meal...she's never seen the inside of a school or held a pencil or colored with a crayon.

A mother gently places her finger on the ink pad and then on the paper, she can not sign her own name, she is ashamed and embarrassed.

A father apologizes to his family, there is no money for food today, there was no work and there's no other options.

This scene plays itself over and over again in the highlands of Guatemala.  Families are forced to choose between sending their children to school or feeding their family. 
Getting an education is something that one only dreams of doing...We're making their dreams a reality.  
You had me at "a mother can't sign her own name"
You had me at "no money for food today"

So again, the question is...... why NOT?

For me, it boiled down to finances.  As a newly single mother, I couldn't just spare the nearly $2,000 to cover my airfare, room/board while in  Guatemala.  Well apparently some of you agreed that this was a good idea because in less than 24 hours I had raised enough to purchase airfare.  And in 2 weeks I was able to fund the entire trip.


That's how *I* feel.  Imagine how a child will feel holding a book in his hand for the very first time.  Or imagine how a mom will feel finally learning how to sign her name.  WAIT!  Imagine how *I* will feel if I'm the one who is lucky enough to teach her.

At times I feel selfish.  I have SO. VERY. MUCH.  And yet, this trip is a gift to ME.  Helping these families out will fill my heart and soul with more happiness than I might be able to contain. 

And yet people still ask me, "aren't you afraid?"  I'm never sure how to respond.

But the answer is yes.

I'm afraid I'm going to fall in love with this culture.  This landsape.  These people.  And I might want to bring every single one of them home with me.  Or perhaps just move there!!!! 

I'm getting excited.  It's 2 weeks away!!!  I've got my corner of the living room dedicated to "things going to Guatemala."  I've purchased some things to take  to the families (lice shampoo, work gloves) and have even had a few things donated (caribeaners!!!)  These people need it ALL.  Books, beds, clean drinking water, medicine, all the things we take for granted. 

In a recent post on facebook Bethany mentioned that the toilet water is brown.  I mean I don't know about you but that kind of grosses me out.  I like to flush with pretty clear water (which, in reality makes no sense but whatever!).  But guess what?  That's what many of these families are drinking.  DRINKING.  Drink the brown water or die of dehydration.  There. Is. No. Choice.  It's not about "Aquafina?  Fiji?  Dasani?"  It's brown backed up lake water orrrrrrrr.............. there is no or.  

So why am I going?  Because maybe, just maybe I can deliver clean water to one family.  Maybe I can teach one mom how to sign her name. Maybe I will put a book in the hands of a child for the very first time.   Maybe one child can teach ME how to say something in Spanish.

And MAYBE just MAYBE Bethany will convince me to zipline with the monkeys and volcanoes.  Stay tuned!!!!!     

Thanks to my friends and family and facebook community I have raised enough money for my trip.  But if you're so inclined to help a family out with a donation of  clean water, a bed.... every little bit helps.  Contact me directly or go here

Blessed!  Humbled!  Grateful!  EXCITED!!!!


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