Part two, in which I tattoo the word THRIVE on my body

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I can't really describe the call to be inked, I just know that it's there.  I've been thinking for awhile about my next "word" tattoo and of course, waded through a myriad of choices.

The word "worthy" kept coming back to me over and over again.  Particularly because it has been said to me in church several times by people, including my pastor who have prayed over me.  In my heart I believe that God was telling me that I am worthy.

Ok great, so here's my tattoo!

Nah, too easy.

I was talking to a new friend, one I've only known for a few weeks and I was discussing this tattoo idea with him.  He's not a tattoo guy and he's not a guy who really even knows me so why the heck was I asking him to begin with?   But here's what he said.

"You already KNOW you are worthy."
"Worthy is a word you needed for your past."
"You need something else that will represent your future."


And of course, my tattoo crystallized in that instant.  

 Can't.  Stop.  Looking.  I love it!

However, what did NOT instantly become clear is what font I would use.  Those who know me understand that I am a tiny bit of a font FREAK.  And therefore I drove Joe at Raining Ink and the friends who were with me absolutely bananas as I changed the absolute minutiae of every speck of this word.  (For the record it was all about getting that "e" just exactly right)

Because here's how it went down.  I text my friend B and ask her if she wants to run to Costco with me, because that's fun.  And then the mall, because that's a little tiny bit more fun but not really.  Then I invited her to a birthday party/work dinner thing and in the middle of dinner she turns to me and says, "Let's go get our tattoos right now."

And so we did.  

And I love the spontaneity of that.  I love that I really didn't have time to completely obsess like crazy over it.  

It's the same font that I used on my yoga mat, just tweaked and thinned out.  If you read this post, you'll see that my yoga mat is where my desire to thrive, and not just survive, began.  So not only is it pretty but it's a constant reminder of how far I've come, and where I still want to go.

The word thrive is my future.

Wait.  Not just "the word."  The action.  I will thrive.  "To thrive" is my new way of life.  I am done "surviving." 

I know it's not QUITE September yet, but I turned the page on my calendar today and this is what was waiting for me.  This is what it means to thrive. Not just to set your sights high, but to set your sights higher.  Even higher.  Higher than you can imagine.  And once you've done that, don't just hope for the best, expect wonderful things to happen.  




Here's Joe.  He was patient and fantastic even though he was wearing a
Guns N' Roses tshirt and blasting Celine Dion.


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