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Catch and Release

For the last several months, I have been working on "the big purge."  I have been cleaning out  closets and drawers and scary spaces beneath beds and throwing out... the crap.  No matter how many times I go through this process, I still need to go through this process.  Life seems to be a constant game of how to get more.  

So this morning I was cleaning out my closet, which, I have been trying to empty an item or two out per week, so I thought I was ahead of the game, right?  Then I looked at my bra collection.  Yes, I said bra and yes I said collection.  There's really no other way to refer to it.  I didn't count them.  Let's just say I think I could have gone 2 months and never worn the same bra twice.  Now, if you're a woman reading this, you can likely relate to what I'm about to say.   I wear the same 3 bras in rotation.  So WHY oh WHY do I have ..........a collection of bras?

This bra business got me thinking about life.  It's much the same w…

Adventure is waiting....

There are a few of you who already know my "big announcement" but for those of you who don't, read on.

This weekend, I'm going to training to be certified to become a yoga instructor for kids.

Now, there's a lot of questions that go along with this statement.  The first of which is usually... "Wait, kids do yoga?"

Do kids MOVE?  Like... at all?  OK, then they are doing yoga.  Yoga is the foundation for ALL movement.  Yes really.

I see a whole lot of yoga going on in this picture.
Look at this kid stretching for soccer or basketball or whatever "manly" sport he's prepping for.
 Yup, that's yoga.

Wait, a PLANK is yoga?  Oh yes.

I googled some gymnastics photos. 

That's called "Natarajasana" or "Dancers Pose"

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga.

Looks like Yoga to me!

This is just bad a$$ and makes me smile.
Have you ever seen a child bend over and touch their toes?  That's called Uttanasana, or "forward fold," but it'…

The heart of the matter

Since the dawn of time, nothing has inspired more writing than a good breakup.  Romeo and Juliet was kind of a doozy (talk about a break up gone wrong).  Don't even get me started with music.  I mean, would country music even exist without breakups?  Would Taylor Swift's musical career?  I digress. My point is, I've been doing a lot of writing and it's been coming from a place of great hurt and devastation.

This morning at church my good friend Scott prayed over me and he took my hands and he looked me square in the eyes and said, "You don't have time for this distraction.  And that's all it is.  A distraction. Let it go."  Then I came home and  called my dad.  But first I cried and snotted all over Scott.  I think after all these weeks I need to buy him a new shirt.  
Oh this topic could be a blog in and of itself.  You see Bernie (yup, real name) knew about David all along.  He saw it within the first five minutes.  And he tried to tell me.  And I…

Dear Diary...

Michelle, which, for those of you who are actually EPL fans, is my Katut. She's my voice of reason when I have none. Which is pretty damn frequently. 
A few years ago when I was very deeply in the hole, just clawing my way out... She bought me a journal for my birthday. 
She typed up quotes (mostly from EPL) and encouraged me to write my way through the mess. This was one month before my then husband moved out. 
Tonight I was moving my books and journals to my new bookshelf and I found this again. I have only written in this one page. 

This is why journals are so important. This is why writing your story is vital. Yes of course I write a blog to share my journey with others in the hopes that maybe one other person will connect and feel better. 
But more than that our stories serve as a reminder. 
I remember writing this page and thinking I would never come out, I would never get through it. 
And guess what? 
Not only did I come through it but truly, sincerely, I had some of the best years…