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If I Dare....

I figure since I haven’t written in quite literally months, I should make an entire post about a song.  Because it makes sense that since no one has heard from me while I’ve been in the hole, people would want to hear about a song.  One song.

First of all, let me start by telling you about a bracelet.  Those of you who know me know that I have a ummm, minor bracelet obsession.  At any given time you might find me wearing 20+ bracelets at a time.  What can I say? I like a bracelet party.

A few years ago, my lifelong bestie got me a bracelet with the word, dare. I thought it was really cool and somewhat almost edgy, the word dare. But I didn’t think it actually applied to me.  I couldn’t really understand why she got it for me.  Well the reason is obvious NOW, our best friends, our people know us better than we know ourselves sometimes.  And sometimes, they can SEE us for ourselves when we can’t.
So I wore the dare bracelet and always felt a tinge of empowerment when I did.  Like, “What wil…

Just surviving.

You may have noticed this blog is called, "Thrive As You."  I've talked before about what that means exactly here.   But I've been thinking about this whole concept a lot lately.  Maybe you've noticed I haven't posted since November.... egads.  That's because I've "just" been surviving.

I've just been surviving.

Allow me to sidebar for a moment.  Since I haven't written since November, you don't know that my word for this year is intention.  Most of you know that 2016 wasn't my favorite year as it relates to my personal growth.  I found myself reacting to things rather than being thoughtful and focused and purposeful.  I call that intention. 

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My goal for 2017 is very simple.  Live with intention.  For me what this looks like is to stop reacting to the world around me and start being purposeful about what I choose to give my time and energy to and exactly how I give my time an…