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Say what?

Look at me, blogging twice in 30 days.  I better be careful, or I might make this a... habit.

I doubt it.  
This post has been brewing for awhile.  Ever since my last one, mentioning the you-know-what. (divorce)
My friend Heather posted a comment on my last post: "I'm never quite sure what to "say."  I'm so sorry?  Congratulations?  Hang in there?"  
I suppose the answer is different for different people but for me I can say....... "all of the above."
I'm so sorry.  Yes.  The situation in and of itself is a sorry one.  It's sad.  I assure you with 100% certainty that NO ONE walks down the aisle with all of their hopes and dreams tied to the person waiting at the end with the thought, "Eh, I give this thing 15 years."   Me and the Mr. were BEST friends throughout high school, and quite honestly the duration of our marriage.  We. Made. A. Family. Together.  And I take that pretty seriously.  I stayed a lot longer than I wanted to bec…
As always, I'm impressed with the frequency in which I blog.

No not really.

But it's been a year friends.  I mean, it's REALLY been a year.

You know how they say divorce is the second most traumatic thing you'll go through next to death?  Yeah, they're right.

There it is, I'm saying it out loud and publicly for the first time.  I'm getting a divorce.  In fact, it's almost over.  But understand, for those of you who've never been through it.  A divorce isn't something you just "get."  It's not something that just "happens."  This has been many grueling, heartbreaking years in the making.  But I won't get into that now.  

Now posting the intimate details of my divorce on the internet just wouldn't be appropriate, but I feel it's something I want to talk about because it's something that SO MANY go through.  We are special group, "divorcees" and sadly there's more of us than ever before.  

Here's …

World Autism Awareness Day

EEEEEEK, I haven't posted since Christmas.  Ouch.

Today I sent out this email to my autism support group members and realized it kinda sounded a little like a blog post. Go figure.   So here goes.

No one asked for my two cents.  They usually don't but they get it anyway.  So here goes.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  That's awesome, but for us, every day is "autism awareness day."  What *IS* important about the UN recognizing autism as a "world" day is that it "shines a light" (pun intended) on autism.   I'm sure you've all read the CDC report by now that the rate of autism is at 1 in 88.  The scariest part of that report is that it was based on data from 2008.   And yet EVERY SINGLE DAY I get asked "What is autism?"
Is fundraising important?  Yes. Is research important?  Yes. Is finding solutions important?  Yes. Is finding answers important?  Yes.  Is providing help, support, and services important?  Yes, yes, YES!
But-- it ST…