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This is one of those things that is just weighing heavy on my heart.

Yesterday was my peep's  first day back at school and so I ran errands from 8am-3pm.  No kidding.  One of those stops was to my fave store ever, TJ Maxx.  While hustling through the store (I was on a mission) a mom and her 3-4 year old toddler were shopping too.

And he was SCREAMING.

Not like "kinda fussy."

Full blown 110% temper tantrum SCREAMING.

It was SO ANNOYING!  In fact, it was giving me a headache!!!!!


There weren't many people in the store but what I can tell you is this.  EVERYONE in the store was talking about this mom and her screaming kid.

Cuz my assumption is, the mom was DEFINITELY enjoying it.

Overhead two older ladies after giving each other "the look,"  (you know the one) "Well, we certainly didn't allow our kids to act that way now did we?"

Then we got into checkout and I was one person removed from the mom and the still screaming child.  The child…