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I got this fancy new app so that I can blog from my phone while traveling. Yay! Sometimes I'm too lazy to travel with my laptop. #thestruggleisreal
Anyway I've been doing some soul searching in my time away from home, and I've also been reading this little gem called The New Codependency. 
It's made me think. 
Codependency is another topic. 
What I'm thinking about right now is this phrase a very good friend of mine and I came up with. 

You know how I've talked on here about people who come into your life and lift you up and bring you joy and deliver energy and just generally make you better?
And I've also talked about the scary other type of person. The soul-sucking, life draining, try-to-avoid-at-all-costs takers. (Sadly sometimes we cannot avoid these people at all because they actually live in our homes.)
And then there is the third type of person. The UN. Theses are the really dangerous ones because these are the people that don't give and …

And I think it's going to be a long, long time.

Has anyone else noticed that I haven't written in.......... MONTHS?

Yeah, me too.

Which seems a bit odd, given that I had this utterly life changing gift handed to me by none other than Elizabeth Glibert herself.  You know, that time she published me in a little book called, "Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It." The book that is currently number five on the New York Times Travel Bestseller List?

I can't even dream this stuff up.

So here's what I did.
I choked.
I'm not even going to sugar coat it or pretend it's anything else.  It's time for me to come clean.  These past few months I haven't been living my own words, my own mantra.  I haven't been thriving at all, I've been barely surviving.  I've been nearly choking on my own existence.  
There's about 30 blog posts in here for sure, but as it relates to the book and the writing, and the website let me just say that my friend Jessica summed it up so perfectly.
"Your perfectionism vs.…