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In which I video blog for the first time

Fun fact about video blogging on the fly... you realize how many times you say, "um," and how often you overuse air quotes.  Hope you enjoy anyway!

You Tube chooses the kindest screenshots.

I'm... just.... done.

I hope you like the way this blog looks because it's going to be getting some changes.  AGAIN.  I love change.  Some people hate it, but I love it.  Sometimes it's painful as hell but man, transformation feels so damn good, right?

So here's the thing.  I'm ready to make some big changes.  I'm ready to receive some big changes.  Just over a year ago, you may remember that I created a "Super Moon Manifesto."  I achieved almost everything on my manifesto.   Really.  It was in a sealed envelope.  I wrote it and never read it again for another month and when I did I was shocked to learn I had accomplished almost everything.  Maybe the right word is, manifested.  So why did it take me another year to write one?   I should be writing one every month, and so should you.  But I digress.  I wrote another one last week as I was flying to Arizona.  I titled this one, "The Super Sky Manifesto."  and I can't tell you exactly what's on that manifesto …

Light the way

A friend of mine was kind enough to point out that I haven't written since February.  Well two things.  First of all, I went and got myself a real, bonafide J.O.B.  Like the full time kind where I have to show up every day.  It's putting a major cramp in my style and in my ability to write.  And secondly, my friend was wrong.  I have been writing, in what little time I have found... it's just that I've started writing, the book.  Insert screams here!

All jokes aside, I absolutely love my job.  I am a special education teaching assistant at an elementary school about 6 minutes from my house. I have the joy of working with some phenomenal women and the sheer blessing to work with some of the most miraculous kids I could ever hope to meet.  All of that and I have the same schedule as my own children, so I'm still able to be home for them.  Honestly, my job is nothing short of a miracle.

But enough about that, let's get down to the nitty gritty of why you're he…