I'm... just.... done.

I hope you like the way this blog looks because it's going to be getting some changes.  AGAIN.  I love change.  Some people hate it, but I love it.  Sometimes it's painful as hell but man, transformation feels so damn good, right?

So here's the thing.  I'm ready to make some big changes.  I'm ready to receive some big changes.  Just over a year ago, you may remember that I created a "Super Moon Manifesto."  I achieved almost everything on my manifesto.   Really.  It was in a sealed envelope.  I wrote it and never read it again for another month and when I did I was shocked to learn I had accomplished almost everything.  Maybe the right word is, manifested.  So why did it take me another year to write one?   I should be writing one every month, and so should you.  But I digress.  I wrote another one last week as I was flying to Arizona.  I titled this one, "The Super Sky Manifesto."  and I can't tell you exactly what's on that manifesto just yet but I can tell you this.....


with words like, "I might write a book."  "I'll write a book but maybe people will never read it."  "I'm not exactly sure what my book will be about."  "It's not like I'll ever REALLY be an author."  My favorite, "I'm going to be broke for the rest of my life,"  "I'm not really a yogi, I just pretend to do yoga."  Wait, here's another fave, "I'm a terrible mother because of xyz stupid reason." 

I will write a book.
People will read my book.
I know exactly what my first book will be about (see what I did right there?).
I AM an author.
I am done being broke starting now and besides broke is a state of mind not a financial status. 
I am so absolutely a yogi.  
I am a kick ass mother.  I make mistakes.  But I am a GREAT mom. 

Today, just moments ago in fact... I opened a door and I walked right through it.  I submitted my first piece of writing.  And because you know, I'm me and "go big or go home" is my motto, I submitted my first piece of writing to none other than Elizabeth Gilbert.  That's just how I roll folks.  

I know the simple truth.  My piece may not get picked for Liz's book.  I cannot let this deter me or my will.

I will be selected for this book.

Because Liz and I are BFF's.  Simple as that. 

Besties put their besties in the books they publish.   Just sayin.

Thank you, dear Liz.  

Someday you'll get to read what I submitted to Liz, and you'll know why the "You're welcome" page is important to me on so very many levels.  My plan is for you to read it in the the 10th Anniversary celebration of EPL in which fans write what, "Eat Pray Love made me...." do.  But if you don't get it to read it there, stay tuned, I'll let you read it here.  

In the meantime,  


I will be a butterfly. 
Goodbye, caterpillar.

Stay tuned for changes and updates to my blog.  And please remember, if you like what I write, please share it on your social media, it would mean the world to me.  


Successful published author
Rich in life
Awesome mom

.... and so much more.


  1. April, April, April! You go, girl!!!!! Every word you wrote is truth. Much love and success from the lady and her friend who took these photos of you and your BFF, Elizabeth Gilbert. Liz is also my BFF. We are ALL going to have so much fun when she's back in town.


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