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Say what?

Look at me, blogging twice in 30 days.  I better be careful, or I might make this a... habit.

I doubt it.  
This post has been brewing for awhile.  Ever since my last one, mentioning the you-know-what. (divorce)
My friend Heather posted a comment on my last post: "I'm never quite sure what to "say."  I'm so sorry?  Congratulations?  Hang in there?"  
I suppose the answer is different for different people but for me I can say....... "all of the above."
I'm so sorry.  Yes.  The situation in and of itself is a sorry one.  It's sad.  I assure you with 100% certainty that NO ONE walks down the aisle with all of their hopes and dreams tied to the person waiting at the end with the thought, "Eh, I give this thing 15 years."   Me and the Mr. were BEST friends throughout high school, and quite honestly the duration of our marriage.  We. Made. A. Family. Together.  And I take that pretty seriously.  I stayed a lot longer than I wanted to bec…