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Dream with integrity

This was said at church tonight and it really resonates with me. God plants seeds and dreams in us and we are not to doubt them or question them. We are to go forth and live-- to put life and integrity in those dreams. Furthermore, we need to listen to the dream that God is giving to us, planting in us. 
Sometimes we create dreams in our own minds. We have our own plan. This isn't for us to decide. That's where surrender comes in. 
Throughout my life I've had many broken dreams. This is something we can all relate to. As a professional, as a mother, as a wife, as a woman, as a human. But we must stay the course. God is preparing us to fulfill the dream.
I have a dream of writing a book. This was not something I woke up and decided to do. This is a seed that was planted in me. Over the years I've questioned it. I've picked it up, I've put it down-- in short, I haven't lived in the integrity of that dream. I, in all of my glorious imperfection have pulled at the …