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As always, I'm impressed with the frequency in which I blog.

No not really.

But it's been a year friends.  I mean, it's REALLY been a year.

You know how they say divorce is the second most traumatic thing you'll go through next to death?  Yeah, they're right.

There it is, I'm saying it out loud and publicly for the first time.  I'm getting a divorce.  In fact, it's almost over.  But understand, for those of you who've never been through it.  A divorce isn't something you just "get."  It's not something that just "happens."  This has been many grueling, heartbreaking years in the making.  But I won't get into that now.  

Now posting the intimate details of my divorce on the internet just wouldn't be appropriate, but I feel it's something I want to talk about because it's something that SO MANY go through.  We are special group, "divorcees" and sadly there's more of us than ever before.  

Here's …