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What a whirlwind week it has been and it's not even over yet!

People have come, quite literally, out of the woodwork since my baptism -- telling me they have been praying for me all along.  People I barely know.  People I DON'T know!


People have been messaging me on facebook, sharing my blog, telling my story.  They have told me that my words inspire them.  That my story has touched them.  I've received emails from people I haven't heard from in years.  They are thanking me for sharing my story.


My wonderful friend Andy Rampulla, who happens to be Pastor Mark's dad, (and therefore, Marlee's grandfather) sent me all of the photos he took on Sunday.  I wanted to share this one since it was so critical to my story.

Remember I said that Marlee was watching?  That Marlee brought me to this place of salvation and she was right there beside me, cheering me on?

Nevermind my Alice Cooper makeup. I love the way Mark is looking at his daughter. I love the w…

My own personal "Super Soul Sunday"

A lot of people are curious about how I, April Schmidt came to be baptized yesterday.  After all I've spent the last 20 years or so denouncing religion in general.  The truth is, I'm still not a major fan of "religion" but that's another blog post FOR SURE.  The thing about this wonderful church I've found, or rather was led to (more on that in a minute) is that they aren't really all that concerned with "religion" either.  All they want to do is help you have a relationship with God.  That statement alone is what got me to walk in the door.

So a bit of history.............. I feel like I have to tell the story of HOW I got to this moment.

I was teaching preK  and I had this student.  Looking back now, I can see that she wasn't "my favorite," but I was drawn to her light.  Every day I looked forward to seeing this little 4 year old angel and her smile just made my day.  I was going through my divorce, but not going through my ACTUA…