What a whirlwind week it has been and it's not even over yet!

People have come, quite literally, out of the woodwork since my baptism -- telling me they have been praying for me all along.  People I barely know.  People I DON'T know!


People have been messaging me on facebook, sharing my blog, telling my story.  They have told me that my words inspire them.  That my story has touched them.  I've received emails from people I haven't heard from in years.  They are thanking me for sharing my story.


My wonderful friend Andy Rampulla, who happens to be Pastor Mark's dad, (and therefore, Marlee's grandfather) sent me all of the photos he took on Sunday.  I wanted to share this one since it was so critical to my story.

Remember I said that Marlee was watching?  That Marlee brought me to this place of salvation and she was right there beside me, cheering me on?

Nevermind my Alice Cooper makeup.
I love the way Mark is looking at his daughter.
I love the way *I* am looking at his daughter.
Full of gratitude.
I wonder if this child will ever fully know and understand the impact she had on her teacher.
I wonder if she will ever realize that it was she who taught me?



I'm going to start blogging more.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I've said it before.  But I think I look at blogging as this profound PROCESS and it doesn't have to be.  Sometimes it will be  short quick blurb like it was today.  Long or short, profound or not,  I hope it makes you smile.  

I have a simple goal in life.  To make one person laugh each day.  Even in my work I have done with autism my goal has always been to just help ONE family.  To just touch ONE life.  If I've done that, I have succeeded.  I will treat my blog the same way.  If I reach ONE person... I will have succeeded.  Maybe I will make you think, maybe I will make you smile, maybe I will make you laugh if I'm lucky.

Let's find out shall we?  Follow me and let's go on this journey together. 


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