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This is one of those things that is just weighing heavy on my heart.

Yesterday was my peep's  first day back at school and so I ran errands from 8am-3pm.  No kidding.  One of those stops was to my fave store ever, TJ Maxx.  While hustling through the store (I was on a mission) a mom and her 3-4 year old toddler were shopping too.

And he was SCREAMING.

Not like "kinda fussy."

Full blown 110% temper tantrum SCREAMING.

It was SO ANNOYING!  In fact, it was giving me a headache!!!!!


There weren't many people in the store but what I can tell you is this.  EVERYONE in the store was talking about this mom and her screaming kid.

Cuz my assumption is, the mom was DEFINITELY enjoying it.

Overhead two older ladies after giving each other "the look,"  (you know the one) "Well, we certainly didn't allow our kids to act that way now did we?"

Then we got into checkout and I was one person removed from the mom and the still screaming child.  The child…

Why are you going to Guatemala?

I think the better question is, why not?

Since the day I announced to travel to Guatemala, A LOT of people have asked me WHY.  

I'll let Bethany tell you. Bethany founded A Heart for Guatemala.  She's a mom just like me.  With a passion just like me.  And she's DOING something about it.  She's taking ACTION.  She's solving the problem.  She's a part of the solution.    You can click here to see the whole campaign (one of them!!!)  but here's the highlights.

A 7 year old child walks alone barefoot, carrying a basket on her head…trying to earn enough for her next meal...she's never seen the inside of a school or held a pencil or colored with a crayon.
A mother gently places her finger on the ink pad and then on the paper, she can not sign her own name, she is ashamed and embarrassed.
A father apologizes to his family, there is no money for food today, there was no work and there's no other opti…

So I'm opening a new door....

So I decided to go to Guatemala.

OK not really.

What happened was, I was kicking around the idea of going to Guatemala on a "mission" and then I tripped and fell and by the grace of God and my friends and family ....

I'm going to Guatemala.

Some history.

You know how Facebook kind of connects you with people that you may not have ever REALLY known from your past but then suddenly through the wonder of the world wide web you become BETTER friends with them?  Yeah that's how it went down with me and Bethany Widby.  She was an acquaintance  in high school but not a lot more.  We started chatting a lot on facebook and we're both bloggers.  Hers is and she talks about raising her son while traveling the world.  And oh yeah, she happens to run this organization called A Heart for Guatemala.   I think we connected because we both have passion for the things we are ... yanno, passionate about... and we both DO something about it and we b…