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Are you ready................

I've been neglecting my blog duties.


Can't help it, y'all! The sun is shining... there are weeds to be pulled and worms to be had.

Luke thinks worms are cute. And I think Luke is pretty cute. So we dig for worms together.

Today is Monday, which means that in just a few short days, World Autism Awareness Day will be upon us.

Did you know that there are only 3 "world" days recognized by the UN? Autism being one of them? Kinda cool. Sorta. I mean, sucks that we NEED a day but kinda cool that autism is one of only 3.

Anyway, I digress. Are you ready?

Autism Speaks is sponsoring a "Light it up Blue" campaign. (You may have noticed the ginormous sidebar?) The EMPIRE STATE BUILDING is going to be lit up blue on April 1. Wow. That's a lot of lightbulbs. I bought ONE lightbulb. I'll be lighting up my house blue, will you?

What about your autism gear? Got a tshirt? No? Well, you should have ordered one from my etsy store! Nonethele…

Temple Grandin changed my life

I've read about Temple.

I've even read a few things written by Temple.

But somehow, watching the movie.............the visual representation of what Temple, or a person like Temple (autistic) lives through...........


I thought I had this thing knocked.

Not a chance.

HBO, I commend you. Thank you for airing a major television event on the topic of autism.
Mick Jackson (director), I commend you. Your vision, Temple's vision...the way you brought it to life, the way you brought it home -- without words.
Claire Daines, I cannot wait to watch you win your emmy, although it will not even begin to give you the accolades you deserve. For you this may have been "just a role," or perhaps even "just a paycheck," but........what you showed us.........was nothing short of a miracle.

I cannot stop thinking about this movie. There's a scene where Temple first walks into her new bedroom and the camera zooms in on the ceiling fan, then back to Templ…