Just surviving.

You may have noticed this blog is called, "Thrive As You."  I've talked before about what that means exactly here.   But I've been thinking about this whole concept a lot lately.  Maybe you've noticed I haven't posted since November.... egads.  That's because I've "just" been surviving.

I've just been surviving.

Allow me to sidebar for a moment.  Since I haven't written since November, you don't know that my word for this year is intention.  Most of you know that 2016 wasn't my favorite year as it relates to my personal growth.  I found myself reacting to things rather than being thoughtful and focused and purposeful.  I call that intention. 

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My goal for 2017 is very simple.  Live with intention.  For me what this looks like is to stop reacting to the world around me and start being purposeful about what I choose to give my time and energy to and exactly how I give my time and energy.  I've spent most of my life simply responding to things around me and directing my actions, "in the moment," rather than taking a breath and carefully planning, dare I say choosing my response.  

I've just been surviving.

Since January 1, 2017.....

I've had surgery on my foot (and recovered!).
Seen my son in three productions (and driven to and fro all of the rehearsals I might add).
Started going to a new church. 
Started grad school.
Taken in a foreign exchange student.
Participated at some level in six speech/debate tournaments for my son.
Traveled to Arizona and back to help my mother recover from emergency brain surgery.
Celebrated my son's 13th birthday.
Helped a friend launch their exciting new business. 
Supported more than one friend through divorce.
Managed to finish my first grad school class with an A.
Taken my kids to the movies.
Gone on dates.
Executed home repair.
Traveled to New Orleans.
Planned A LOT of college tours.
Gone to the movies.
Gone dancing.
In addition to all of the you know, regular stuff like laundry, cooking, mowing the lawn, planting flowers, cleaning the garage, packing lunches, teacher meetings,  etc etc etc etc etc.....

114 days.

Wait, I'm "just" surviving?

You guys this is the very definition of thrive as you. It's not "thrive like everyone else."  It's thrive as you.  This is what I look like when I'm thriving.  I'm buried.  I'm smashed under the weight of it all, sometimes I think I'm going to break down.  There are days when I think I can't. 

But I can.
And I do.


I think sometimes we equate "just surviving," with being tired.  Ladies and gentlemen, I'm exhausted. But that certainly doesn't mean I'm not thriving.  Yes there are moments when I think I might collapse under the stress of it all.  But here I am, too busy thriving. 

This IS all there is. 
Approach this one life you have with purpose and intention.

And thrive.  As only you can.  


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