Adventure is waiting....

There are a few of you who already know my "big announcement" but for those of you who don't, read on.

This weekend, I'm going to training to be certified to become a yoga instructor for kids.

Now, there's a lot of questions that go along with this statement.  The first of which is usually... "Wait, kids do yoga?"

Do kids MOVE?  Like... at all?  OK, then they are doing yoga.  Yoga is the foundation for ALL movement.  Yes really.

I see a whole lot of yoga going on in this picture.

Look at this kid stretching for soccer or basketball or whatever "manly" sport he's prepping for.
 Yup, that's yoga.

Wait, a PLANK is yoga?  Oh yes.

I googled some gymnastics photos. 

That's called "Natarajasana" or "Dancers Pose"

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga.

Looks like Yoga to me!

This is just bad a$$ and makes me smile.

Have you ever seen a child bend over and touch their toes?  That's called Uttanasana, or "forward fold," but it's yoga.  

So I could go on about this topic all day but I'm going to save that for my website, which, by the way, is

That's my logo.  I think it's pretty cute. 

Here's the deal, for the last year I was working at a grocery store.  And I'm not at all "above" working at a grocery store, and there were many benefits of working there, the biggest of which was that they were extremely flexible with my schedule.  That's VERY important to me, as being home for my boys is the most important thing to me.  But the reality is, I felt underemployed, under appreciated, under EVERYTHING and it started to sort of suck my soul.  In the meantime I would pick up occasional substitute teaching jobs, and on those days, I found myself alive and energized.  Then one day, this little girl came into the store I was working at and we just started chatting and talking (she was about 4) and she looked up at me with wonder and awe and loved that I was showing her attention and caring about what she had to say (heck, isn't that what we all want?).  By the end of our encounter she wanted to come over to my house and do crafts.  And as she was walking out the door I wanted to scream, "WAIT COME BACK!!!!!!!" and the rest of my shift stocking grocery shelves felt a bit.... empty.

And that's when I realized.  Children fill my bucket.  TEACHING children, working with children, engaging with children, it fills my bucket.

A few months prior to that I had started doing yoga myself and was beginning to LOVE it and feel the difference in my body and in my mind.  One night I was looking at the bulletin board and a flyer was up for Karma Kids teacher training and certification.

This is exactly what went through my mind:

"Well that's just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.  Teaching, kids, yoga, making my own schedule, and working where I want to work, locally."  "No way."

The seed was planted.

And every time I went to yoga I stared at that flyer.  But I didn't say a word to anyone.  I just sort of planted the seed deep in my heart and decided to wait and see what happened.

Guess what?  It grew into something I became called to do.

Again, I kept thinking it's just too good to be true.  There's NO WAY a job so perfect exists for me.  JUST.... NO.... WAY.

And I started talking to my friends about it and they all said, "WHY NOT?"  "Why doesn't this exist for you?"

Well now, that's a GREAT question.

Imagine that.

So that's what I'm doing.  I'm thinking of what could go right and not obsessing over what can go wrong.  I'm taking the leap.  My cape is securely fastened and I'm ready to fly.  

Stay tuned, after this weekend there will be MANY more updates and announcements as I begin to cross my T's and dot my I's on the business end of this.  

In the meantime, I am SO EXCITED for my training this weekend!  BEYOND excited!  Send me well wishes, encouragement, and prayers!


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