Let go and accept it

Tonight my facebook status went something like this -- 

And here is said blog post. 

I'm not quite ready to write about or recap my year, but what I do want to write about is accepting what comes our way. More importantly letting go of the life we thought we wanted. 

I've talked about this before.  Several times in fact. In the world of autism you must mourn the child you thought you were going to have and accept and embrace the one you do have.  Know what sucks? Death. Ugh. You have to accept that your mom is no longer with you at Christmas and find a way to embrace the memories you DO have, and cherish them. 

It's all about recognizing the new chapters in your life and diving into those chapters face first and examining what those chapters will do to change the entire story of your life.  Everything -- every loss, every gain, every person who enters and every person who leaves is a chapter in the story of our lives. 

We must accept that. Even if we don't like it. 

Once upon a time I had this quote as the header to this blog. Here's a friendly reminder. 

Listen. Some things suck. And some things hurt. Like hell. Why? I'll let you in on a little secret. 

Because we are control freaks. 

Because WE had a plan. And our lives suddenly didn't go as planned and now we're just generally pissed off. 

Doesn't matter how big or little that "thing" is, it's the expectation we created in our minds of how WE wanted it to go. And when it doesn't go according to OUR plan, we begin to panic. 

Any of this sound familiar? 

What's the solution? Let go. And let God. It's that simple. 

My pastor Mark likes to talk about driving a car. When you've got a driver and a passenger in the seat getting all crazy and trying to take over the wheel, it NEVER ends well. This is what we do with God.  We don't trust God plan. We don't trust that he knows the way, we don't trust that he knows how to drive, and we most certainly don't trust that he knows what we want. 

Oh He knows. 

He just doesn't care. 

Don't misread that. God loves us all and wants us to be happy. But it's His plan, not ours. Period. 

We need to let go of the wheel and let Him drive and enjoy every moment of the journey. We need to accept that God put us on this path for a reason. 

I came across this the other day. Think about it. It's so profound. 

Get the hell out of the way. Get your hands off the wheel. Surrender control. Accept and love where you are. Check your ego at the door. This isn't all about you. Remember that. Your life is an infinite gift to others. Get out of His way you do yourself a favor and get out of your own way. 

Thank. You. God. 

Now breathe and enjoy this next chapter of your life, whether or not it's what you expected. It's what you've got. Relish it.  Embrace every moment. Even the ones you don't want are teaching you.  


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