One door leads to another.........

I always feel like I should blog more.  I have TONS to say.  Anyone who knows me for 5 minutes knows that.  But time... time.... time.....  and then I get to the point where it's like the words are itching me under my skin just dying to get out and so, I make the time.

It makes ME feel better.   Less itchy anyway.

So this summer was absolutely wild.  And because I live in the south, our summer has been over for nearly a month now.  And not only did my boys go back to school, but I did too.  Sort of.  I mean I don't want to confuse anyone because after all I've said oh, about a million times, that I'm going to go back to school.  But there's that whole "time" thing again.  You see I have one and ONLY one regret in my life.  That I didn't become a teacher.  I know I still can.  And I will.  But in the meantime............

In order to make more time in between being a mommy, a cleaning lady, a chauffer, a crafter, a sometimes writer, a daughter, a volunteer, a friend, and advocate, a thirty-one rep, and all around girl friday, I decided what would really help matters is if I got a job.  Yanno, like a real one?

I may have mentioned doors a few times on this blog?

Well a few months ago I had hosted a fundraiser which included thirty-one.  I had never even HEARD of thirty-one.   I took one look at this catalog and knew it was something I **HAD** to do.  I just fell in love with the product, the styling, the market that this company was reaching.  I know I can sell.  I (((think))) I have a strong enough network of peeps to get this business off the ground.  But there was this WAITING LIST (I know, right) because soooooooooooo many people wanted to become thirty-one reps that the company itself kinda couldn't keep up.  Well a funny thing happened during that waiting period.

My confidence got a little shaken.  And I started to doubt.  So me and the hubster sat down and really took a look at this business opportunity and what it could mean for our family if I could be successful.  I mean, we spent HOURS discussing it and what my goals were.  You see, I don't exactly do anything half a$$.  I figured if I was going to do this, then I was going to DO THIS.   I was going to make thirty-one my CAREER.  Right?   I still wasn't entirely convinced.  But then I had this friend say to me, "Of course you can do it!  You're April F#$KING Schmidt."  Well, that was just the push I needed.  Also, I made a bracelet with the letters B Y A F S.  I did.  I swear.

So I took the plunge.  I finally got my official invitation to join the thirty-one team and I went online, filled out my paperwork, paid for my kit, gave them a vial of blood (kidding) and I was ready.  I was giddy hitting the "submit" button.

It's no exaggeration when I say that one hour later my phone rang.  It was this wonderful amazing teacher that I had substituted for many times in the previous year.  Calling me in the middle of summer.  Huh?

She was calling to tell me that her assistant had taken another position in the school and was wondering if there was any chance that I'd be interested in her job.


There's this scene in the Temple Grandin movie "Thinking in Pictures" where she opens a door.  And that door leads to another door...and another door and in her mind there are all these DOORS opening.  Right?  I mean it's kinda what inspired me about the whole "doorway" thing.   And at the moment I got this call, the movie in my mind played that scene.

Because I had opened a door with thirty-one.  I was taking a chance, CREATING a doorway, an opportunity.

And another door ........................appeared.

Because here's the thing.  This job that Mrs. B was calling about?  It's my dream job.  And I was such a mess that I told NO ONE about it.  Then I told TWO people about it.  And that's it.  And even though Mrs. B kinda hand picked me for this gig, I still had to interview with both principals at the school.  And I was sweaty.  Because the only time in MY LIFE that I didn't get a job I applied for -- was at the school.  So I by no stretch of the imagination thought I had this in the bag.  I didn't just want this job.  This job was........somehow coursing through my veins.  I can't describe it.  It's part of the reason I can't understand crappy teachers and grouchy secretaries at school.  If you don't absolutely wake up in the morning with an aching desire to work with kids and HELP kids then um, why are you here.  But I digress.  (Hey, I thought we had a safe word for that!)

So about 5 days before school started, I got the call.  I was in walmart (I mentioned it was about 5 days before school started, right?) not just with my two kids, but one extra in tow.  We had a ton to do that day and it was H O T in Tennessee that day so I was already sweating.  The principal didn't even tell me how much I would be making nor did I care.  I was so frazzled and harried I didn't even have a chance to call and tell anyone!   And I was so excited, I was kinda numb.

Look at that.  My dream job.  Really.  It is.  Most people think I'm nuts.  I'm a pre-K teaching assistant.  What I love about THIS particular job is NOT ONLY working with kids, but I get the absolute HONOR of working with Mrs. B.  And really people, she's one of those teachers.  You know, the kind you never forget as a kid and as a parent you hope and pray your child gets year after year?  What I've learned from this woman in a month is.........well. yeah.  She's THAT teacher.  So the truth is, I'm kind of a student too.

And wasn't I supposed to go back to school this year, to learn how to be a teacher?  Huh? What?   I simply cannot think of a better place to learn.

So we've had a rough coupla days at school.  I mean, they're four years old.  It's bound to happen.  But as I sit in a room filled with semi-chaos and loud voices and a moderate degree of panic, some tears, and a few tantrums, and a lot of potty dances and a bit of whining and a whole lot of not listening.......I hear it.......


And guess what?  They're talking to me.

And what I feel when I hear that cannot be put into words.  But you can watch it in the last one minute of this clip.  (But the first 5 minutes of this clip are pretty good too so watch it all, it's worth your time.)

Oh, and speaking of thirty-one.... check out the first bag I ordered for myself.  Pretty cute, huh?


  1. Love this post! Love that you have your dream job! You are an amazing woman, mother, and teacher!

  2. That's my girl, More than I could ever wish for!

  3. Ok, crying at work is not a good look! Can you believe I haven't seen this movie yet!?

  4. Thank you thank you thank you all!


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